DIYables products

1Sensor Kit
2Basic Electronics Starter Kit
3Jumper Wires kit
4Jumper Wires and Breadboard Kit
5Jumper Wires
6Jumper Wires Male-to-Male, Round-Head
7Mini Breadboard 170 Points
8half-size Breadboard 400 Points
9Breadboard 830 Point
10Breadboard kit
11Breadboard and Jumper Wires
12Breadboard Shield for Prototyping Arduino Uno
1328BYJ-48 ULN2003 5V Stepper Motor with Driver
14Alligator Clip, Crocodile Clip
15Transparent Acrylic Arduino Case For Arduino Uno
169V Battery Clip with DC 5.5mm x 2.1mm Male Plug
174 AA Battery Holder, Battery Storage Case with Wire Lead, 4 x 1.5V (6V)
18Push Button with Cap
19Button Kit
20Momentary Push Button Switch, Silver Shell, IP65 Waterproof, 16mm
2112V, 3-24V Active Piezoelectric Buzzer
22Cooling Fan 12V DC
235V Cooling Fan
24DC Power Jack Plug Adapter Connector
25DC Motor 3V 6V for Hobby Toy Projects with Arduino, ESP32, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi, 10 pieces
26DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module
27DHT22 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module
28Door Sensor
29Dot Matrix Display FC16 8x8 LED
30Dot Matrix Display FC16 4-in-1 32x4 LED
31DS18B20 One Wire Temperature Sensor
32W5500 Ethernet Module for Arduino, ESP32, ESP8266…
33Expansion Board for Arduino Nano Family
34Infrared Fire Sensor
35Force Sensor FSR402
36Infrared IR Remote Control Kits with Controller and Receiver
37Infrared IR Remote Control Kit with 17-key Controller and Receiver
38Infrared IR Remote Control Kit with 21-key Controller and Receiver
39Obstacle Avoidance Sensor
42Keypad 1x4
43Keypad 3x4
44Keypad 4x4
45L293D Motor Shield for DC Motor Stepper Motor with Arduino Uno, Mega
46L298N Motor Driver Module
47LCD I2C 16x2 Blue Background
48LCD I2C 16x2
49LCD 20x4 Display I2C Interface
50LED Kit
51RGB LED Module
52Light Sensor
53LDR Light Sensor Module
54Limit Switch
55Limit Switch V-156-1C25 SPDT Switch
56Micro SD Card Adapter Module Reader
57Motion Sensor
58Mini Pyroelectric PIR Motion Sensor Module, PIR Infrared IR Human Sensor, Human Detector
59MP3 Player Module
60OLED 128x32
61OLED 128x64
632.54mm 40-pin Straight Header, Multiple Colors
65Potentiometer Kit
66Breadboard Power Supply Module for Solderless Breadboard
6712V Pump
68Rain Sensor
69Relay 5V 1-Channel
702-channel Relay Module 5V
714-channel Relay Module 5V
72220 Ohm Resistor Metal Film Resistor
73Resistor Kit
74RFID cards, 13.56MHz, compatible with PN532 and RC522 Reader
75RFID key fob, 13.56MHz, compatible with PN532 and RC522 Reader
76RFID kit with 1 RC522 Reader, 5 RFID key fobs, 1 RFID card
77RFID kit with 1 RC522 Reader, 1 RFID key fob, 5 RFID cards
78RFID Kit
80ON/OFF Rectangle Rocker Switch
81ON/OFF Round Rocker Switch
82Rotary Encoder
83RS232 Gender Changer, Female to Female
84RS232 Gender Changer, Male to Male
85RS232 to TTL Converter Module
86RS422 to TTL Module
87RS485 to TTL Module
88DS3231 RTC Real Time Clock Module
89Screw Terminal Adapter for 38-pin ESP32 board
90Screw Terminal Adapter for ESP8266
91Screw Terminal Block Shield Expansion Board for Arduino Nano
92Proto Screw Shield Assembled Terminal Block Prototype Expansion Board for Arduino Uno
93Servo Motor SG90 180 degree
94RC 2WD Car Chassis Kit with Motor Speed Encoder
952WD RC Robot Car Kit with L298N Motor Driver and Sensors
96Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor Module
97Solenoid Lock 12V DC
98Sound Sensor Sound Detector
99Analog Sound Sensor Sound Detector
100DS18B20 Temperature Sensor
1014-digit 7-segment Display LED 74HC595 driver with 4 dots
1024-digit 7-segment Display LED TM1637 with colon
103Touch Sensor Switch
104LED Traffic Light Module
105Ultrasonic Sensor
106Enclosure for Arduino Uno R3, Arduino Uno R4 WiFi/Minima, Black
107Enclosure for Arduino Uno R3, Arduino Uno R4 WiFi/Minima, Transparent
108Screw Terminal Block for Arduino Uno
109USB 2.0 Cable Type A/B for Arduino Uno Mega
110Mini USB Cable for Arduino Nano
111USB Type-C Cable for Arduino Uno R4
112Voltage Sensor DC 0-25V
113Water Sensor Detector